Mark A. Nash

  • Thanks for landing on my site!

    I won’t bore you with too many details, just some highlights:

    I was raised a southern gentleman in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. My dad was a gospel drummer, so I grew up playing drums as well with an audience at a very young age. Performing in front of others became second-nature, though I couldn’t have guessed then how much that experience would benefit me later.

    After high school, I hired on with the railroad and it was good to me. But, after several years of railroad life and finding very little time for anything else, I decided to head south landing in Tampa Bay, Florida.

    I enjoyed coastal life for 14 years. Because of the year round great weather, I regularly enjoyed riding motorcycles and restoring old hotrods (my second passion). The greatest benefit of my time in Florida was this is where I discovered my passion for acting and the profession of being an actor.

    After attending my first-ever live theater production, I was officially addicted. I immediately sought formal training and attended classes. In addition to this, I trained in stunt work and precision driving with the now gone, but not forgotten, Jerry Alan. Jerry was well-known as one of the best in the industry and I benefited not only from learning with him, but by having him as a friend.

    A couple of decades later I am a proud member of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG­-AFTRA), formally trained at The Second City in Chicago, writing and directing short and feature films, and actively working as a professional actor.

    My resume has grown – working in over 70 commercials, as well as multiple film, episodic television, industrial video, print, and other projects. All of these experiences over the years, along with the fun of playing in several rock bands, traveling abroad, and trying my luck at stand-up comedy (which I also enjoy!) have guided and continue to help me as a performer; educating me in this industry, its process and ultimately how I can become a better actor.