Mark A. Nash

  • The Clovehitch Killer

    Cast as the brother of Dylan McDermott in the new thriller "The Clovehitch Killer" (2018) also starring Samantha Mathis.


    Now Available On-Demand!

    The Black Book

    Screen shots from "The Black Book" - opposite Ari Lehman (a.k.a Jason Vorhees from the first Friday the 13th).

    Sand Castles

    Warmly and critically embraced by multiple festivals, I’m excited to share that you can now watch this dramatic story
    on Digital HD and On Demand. Click below to view the full, feature film.

    Intrusion Disconnected  (in production)

    Click below to check out an upcoming project on IMDb and learn more:

    The Rowboat

    Click below to check out the teaser trailer:

    Dearest Jane

    Click below to check out my recent project in the feature film "Dearest Jane"

    The Gospel Writers' Autographs

    Click below to check out a recent project by Chip Rosetti, or purchase your own copy!


    Within The Violin

    Click below to check out Scalene, directed by Zach Parker, now available on Netflix!

    And check out the links below to read the critic reviews!

    The Independent Critic "Scalene" Review

    Variety Magazine's Review of "Scalene"

    Old Dogs Never Die

    Click HERE to check out the film on IMDb, or click the film poster below to purchase your own copy!

    Watch Live Evil instantly

    Click below to view to view the trailer or watch it via Netflix or Amazon.

    Three Tears on Bloodstained Flesh

    Running with Revenge

    Great working on this short project by John Lerchen. Click the poster to learn more...

    The Death Chair

    Great working with the cast and crew on this project!

    Murder on Frog Pond Drive

    Click below to check it out on IMDb and learn more...

    Zach Parker's Proxy

    Click below to view the trailer of this new thriller! Enjoyed being a part of this film!

    Motel 666

    Appreciated being a part of the cast on this film by Carlos Jimenez Flores, click below to learn more:


    Great time playing the monster on this short film project! To view the full film, click HERE

    The Black Dove

    Click below to check out the website, view the trailer, and watch the film's music video!

    The Meltdown